Scientific Programme

9:00AM - 10:00AM
New Kids on the Block

9.00-9.09  Anti-Obesity Agents Nilesh Gautam 
9.09- 9.18 New PAH Therapies Navreet Singh
9.18-9.27 Anti-Hyperkalemic Agents A K Pancholia
9.27-9.36 Newer ARBs & CCBs T K Mishra
9.36-9.45 Antidotes for DOACs Sandeep Bansal
9.45-9.54 Newer Antidyslipidemics: PCSK9 Inhibitors, siRNA Inhibitors Saumitra Ray
9.54-10.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

10:00AM - 11:00AM
Controversies in Cardiology - Is there a Consensus?

10.00-10.09 Digitalis in HF - Is there an Indication Left? G Karthikeyan 
10.09- 10.18 68 year old male with No Risk Factors : Should a Calcium Score be done for Risk Stratification? S Shanmugasundaram
10.18-10.27 Should Non Fasting Lipid Profile be the Standard of Care? Ajay K Sinha
10.27-10.36 Should an Angiogram be done in all patients of STEMI presenting after 3 days? Suvro Banerjee
10.36-10.45 Vaccination in Cardiovascular Disease - Is it for All? G S Wander
10.45-10.54 Is Hydrochorthiazide being Pushed to Oblivion? Right or Wrong Nagendra Chouhan
10.54-11.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

11:00AM - 12:00PM
Lipidology - An Overview for the Clinician

11.00-11.09 Lipid Guidelines: An Overview Kajal Ganguly
11.09- 11.18 Treating High Triglycerides: Reducing CV Risk or a Mere Cosmetic Reduction Sudhir Bhandari
11.18-11.27 LDL Levels: How Low is Low Enough? S S Iyengar
11.27-11.36 Chossing between Statins: Personal Preference or Rational Choice Sunil Modi
11.36-11.45 Non Statin alternatives for Lipid Management: An Overview A Muruganathan
11.45-11.54 Diabetic Dyslipidemia - Is it a Distinct Entity? Jugal Kishor Sharma
11.54-12.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

12:00PM - 1:00PM
Prevention of CAD - Striving to Make it a Reality

12.00 -12.10 CV Risk Scores: Which one is Ideal for Indians? Rajeev Gupta
12.10 -12.20 Early detection of CVD: Why, When and How Shekhar Ambardekar
12.20 -12.30 Targetting CV Risk: Novel Risk Factors and New Therapies Mohit D Gupta
12.30 -12.40 Primary Prevention of CVD  in Diabetics Soura Mookerjee
12.40 -12.50 Diet and Exercise Prescription for CAD Peeyush Jain
12.50 -1.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

1:00PM - 2:00PM
Stable CAD - More Questions than Answers

1.00 -1.10 Incidental CAD on Routine CT Angio: How to Proceed Vinod Sharma
1.10 -1.20 Ischemia Testing for Stable CAD: Role and Relevance Vitull K Gupta
1.20 -1.30 Medical Therapy for CAD: What is  "Optimal"   Harsh Wardhan
1.30 -1.40 Refractory Angina: Therapeutic Approach H K Bali
1.40 -1.50 Angina with Normal Epicardial Coronary Arteries: What should we do? S M Mustafa Zaman 
1.50 -2.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

2:00PM - 3:00PM
Heart Failure Care - Simplified

2.00 - 2.10 Diagnosis and Evaluation of a Patient with Suspected HF: Step Wise Approach B P Singh 
2.10 - 2.20 Biomarkers in Heart Failure: When to Order and How to Interpret Brian Pinto 
2.20 - 2.30 Acute Decompensated HF: An Internist’s Approach V K Chopra
2.30 - 2.40 Treating HFrEF: ARNI  vs ACEI/ARBs -Which will be My Choice in Indian context?  R K Saran
2.40 - 2.50 Cardiorenal Syndrome in  Heart Failure: A Pragmatic Approach Rohit Mathur
2.50 - 3.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Advanced Heart failure - Therapeutics

3.00 - 3.10 Heart Failure with Preseved EF: Diagnosis and Treatment Amal K Banerjee
3.10 - 3.20 Anemia/ Iron deficiency and Heart Failure U C Samal
3.20 - 3.30 Prescription of GDMT in Heart Failure: Practical Tips V K Chopra
3.30 - 3.40 ICD and CRT in HF - Current status Jayaprakash Shenthar
3.40 - 3.50 Devices to Support the Failing Heart: ECMO, LVAD and Tandem Heart O P Yadava
3.50 - 4.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

4:00PM - 5:00PM
Hypertension - The Silent Killer

4.00 - 4.10 ACC vs ESC Guidelines for Hypertension: Which fits Best in Indian Scenario? C Venkata S Ram 
4.10 - 4.20 First Line Anti-Hypertensives: Which  Drug and Why? K Venugopal
4.20 - 4.30 Managing Hypertension in Acute Stroke Yashpal Sharma
4.30 - 4.40 When and How to Screen for Secondary Hypertension Anjan Lal Dutta
4.40 - 4.50 Managing Resistant Hypertension: Problems and Solutions H K Chopra
4.50 - 5.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

5:00PM - 5:35PM
Focused session :Learn with the Masters

5.00-5.15 Contemporary Management of Chronic Heart Failure: Optimal use of  Traditional and Newer Drugs Prakash Deedwania
5.15-5.30 Peripheral Arterial Disease: What is New and Why it is Important for Clinicians? Jagat Narula
5.30-5.35 Discussion and Audience Interaction

5:35PM - 6:15PM
Focused Session :Learn with the Masters

5.35-5.47 General Overview of Diagnosis and Management of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Hubert Seggewiss
5.47-5.59 Cardiovascular Disease in Chronic Kidney Disease Sripal Bangalore
5.59-6.11 How Useful is Echo in the Assessment and Management of Functional MR  Navin C Nanda
6.11-6.15 Discussion and Audience Interaction

9:00AM - 10:00AM
Cath Lab Practicals: Beginners Boot Camp - Session I: Basic about My Tool Box

9.00-9.12 Radial Access: Tips and Tricks S K Chugh
9.12-9.24 Chosing the Optimal Coronary Guidecatheter Viveka Kumar
9.24-9.36 Chosing the Correct Coronary Guidewire C Raghu
9.36-9.48 Choosing between Coronary Angioplasty Balloons  Pranab Jyoti Bhattacharyya
9.48-10.00 Coronary Stent Selection Rony Mathew

10:00AM - 11:00AM
Cath Lab Practicals: Beginners Boot Camp - Session II: Techniques

10.00-10.12 When to POT and How to Do it J Shivkumar Rao
10.12-10.24 Bifurcation Techniques for the Beginners Ajit Mullasari
10.24-10.36 Primary PCI: Do`s and  Don’t`s Suman Bhandari
10.36-10.48 FFR and IFR - Practical Aspects Kamal K Sharma
10.48-11.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

11:00AM - 12:00PM
CSI's Got Talent: Challenging Case Presentations

11.00-11.07 Let us Fish the Fish Raman Chawla
11.07-11.14 Percutaneous closure of a large Coronary Pseudoaneurysm with a Stent Graft – A Case Report Praveen Nagula
11.14-11.21 PTCA of CTO of RCA, arising from Left Coronary Sinus Rajeev Bhardwaj
11.21-11.28 Left Main Quadrifurcation Viveka Kumar
11.28-11.35 Lasso Technique using Trans-Radial approach to Facilitate Stent Graft delivery to Aortic Arch during TEVAR M Sudhakar Rao
11.35-11.42 Percutaneous Closure of Accidental Iatrogenic Right Atrial Perforation Ratheesh Kumar J
11.42-11.49 The Heart that Refused to Stop !! - Rarest of Rare Case of HYBRID Transcatheter Device Closure in Extreme Dextroposition P K Dash
11.49-11.56 An Unusual site of VSD Device Embolization followed by Unusual Access Site for Device Retrieval Puneet Verma

12:00PM - 1:00PM
Meet the Legends: Session I- What I Always Wanted to Know But Didn’t Know Whom to Ask

12..00-12.15 CTO - Antegrade to Retrograde Approach: Tips for Beginners   Ramesh Daggubati
12.15-12.30 High Risk PCI : Do`s & Don`ts Vijay S Iyer
12.30-12.45 Left Main Interventions – Techniques to Use  in 2018 Ashok Seth
12.45-1.00  Graft Intervention - Tips and Tricks M G Pillai

1:00PM - 2:00PM
When Your Worst Nightmares Come True

1.00-1.10 Coronary Perforation - When and How to Seal the Leak A Sreenivas Kumar 
1.10-1.20 Thrombus Formation during PCI: What to Do? H M Mardikar
1.20-1.30 Malignant Slow Flow or No Reflow on the Table - What Next? Sameer Dani
1.30-1.40 Acute Hypotension with Pallor after a Successful PCI: What to do? Amit Kumar Ray   
1.40-1.50 Stent Dislodgement : Bailout Steps and Techniques Rajeev Bagarahatta
1.50-2.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

2:00PM - 3:00PM
Meet the Legends: Session II - What I Always Wanted to Know But Didn’t Know Whom to Ask

2.00-2.15 Assessing Coronary Physiology Before Resvacularization: Current Concepts Stephan Windecker
2.15-2.30 IVUS and OCT : Role and Relevance in PCI   U Kaul
2.30-2.45 New Devices for Debulking & Lesion Preparation: Tips & Tricks Samuel K Mathew
2.45-3.00 Managing True Bifurcation Lesions Samin Sharma

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Meet the Legends: Session III - What I Always Wanted to Know But Didn’t Know Whom to Ask

3.00-3.15 Carotid Intervention – When and How: The Masters Approach Marco Roffi
3.15-3.30 Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: Tips and Tricks Raj Makkar
3.30-3.45 Tips and Tricks in Alcohol Septal Ablation Hubert Seggewiss
3.45-4.00 Optimising Coronary Stenting: Do`s & Don’t`s A B Mehta

4:00PM - 5:00PM
CTO Workshop

4.00-4.10 Case Selection for CTO PCI: Choosing Cases Wisely K Sarat Chandra
4.10-4.20 Angiogram Performance and Evaluation for the CTO Operator: Proximal Cap, Distal Cap, Lesion Length, and Collateral Assessment Praveen Chandra
4.20-4.30 Wire Selection and Basic Principles for Wire Manipulation  for Antegrade Approach Neeraj Bhalla
4.30-4.40 CTO: Antegrade Reentry Techniques P K Goel
4.40-4.50 Balloon Uncrossable CTO Lesion: What Next ? Sanjeeb Roy
4.50-5.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

5:00PM - 6:00PM
My Worst Complication : Lessons Learnt

5.00 - 5.10 Radial Artery Access Complication Tejas M Patel
5.10 - 5.20 Left Main Disaster M S Hiremath
5.20 - 5.30 Abrupt Vessel Closure Atul Mathur
5.30 - 5.40 Acute Stent Thrombosis G L Sharma
5.40 - 5.50 Broken Balloons / Wires George Joseph
5.50 - 6.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

9:00AM - 10:00AM
Imaging in CHD - Taking a Deeper Look

9.00-9.10 Comprehensive Echocardiograpic Assessment of a VSD Swati Garekar
9.10-9.20 ASD : To Device or Not? An Echo Guide Shreepal Jain
9.20-9.30 Common Mistakes to Avoid in CHD Echocardiography KM Krishnamoorty
9.30-9.40 CT Angiography in CHD - Is it Worth the Radiation? Sanjiv Sharma
9.40-9.50 When would I order a Cardiac MRI in  a Child? Sushil Azad
9.50-10.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

10:00AM - 11:00AM
Bread and Butter Pediatric Cardiology

10.00-10.10 Difficult AVBD and PVBD L Srinivas
10.10-10.20 ASD Device closure - Tips and Tricks Bharat Dalvi
10.20-10.30 Difficult PDAs for Device Closure - How to Identify and Succeed I B Vijayalakshmi
10.30-10.40 Vascular Access in Children - Tips and Tricks Edwin Francis
10.40-10.50 VSD - Natural History and When to Intervene S S Kothari 
10.50-11.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

11:00AM - 12:00PM
Interventional Pediatric Cardiology - Expanding Horizons

11.00-11.10 VSD Device Closure - Is it Ready for Prime Time? A Nageswara Rao Koneti 
11.10-11.20 RSOV Device Closure - Patient Selection and Tips & Tricks Nitin Rao
11.20-11.30 Coarctation in Adults - Should I Stent All? Manoj Rohit
11.30-11.40 Palliative Interventions in Cyanotic CHD Jayaranganath
11.40-11.50 Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve Implantation: An Update Sivakumar K
11.50-12.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

12:00PM - 1:00PM
Adults with CHD - The GUCH Group

12.00-12.10 The 'Totally Corrected' TOF: How to Follow Up? S Radhakrishnan
12.10-12.20 Living with Fontan Sachin Talwar
12.20-12.30 CTGA: Approach to Management    Suresh Kumar R
12.30-12.40 Ebsein's Anomaly - A Contemporary Update   Snehal Kulkarni
12.40-12.50 Adult CHD Guidelines - What is New?  Sanjay Khatri
12.50-1.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

1:00PM - 2:00PM
Extracting the most from the 12 lead ECG: ECG interpretation made easy

1.00-1.12 ECG in Supraventricular Tachycardia: Basics and Beyond Sudhanshu Dwivedi
1.12-1.24 Wide Complex Tachycardia: Small clues in a Broad Rhythm Shomu Bohora
1.24-1.36 AV Block: ECG Recognition and Localization     S B Gupta 
1.36-1.48 Beyond ST Elevation: ECG patterns for ACS    Aditya Kapoor
1.48-2.00 ECG in Dyselectrolytemia and Repolarization Syndromes B Ram  Prakash

2:00PM - 3:00PM
Follow Up of Implantable Devices: Physicians Guide Book

2.00-2.10 Pacemaker Troubleshooting: What every Phycian needs to Know Bhim Shankar
2.10-2.20 CRT: What to Program to Optimize Outcomes Dilip Kumar
2.20-2.30 Inappropriate Shocks with ICDs: Recognition, Programming and Prevention A M Karthigesan
2.30-2.40 Routine Home (Remote) Monitoring: An Idea Whose Time Has Come? Ajit Thachil
2.40-2.50 My Pacemaker Dependent Patient has a Non Conditional ICD: Can he Undergo an MRI? Safal Singh
2.50-3.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Controversies in Rhythm Management: How Will I Manage

3.00-3.10 Paroxysmal AF: Drugs or Ablation?  Jitender Makkar
3.10-3.20 Sick Sinus Syndrome : When to Wait and When to Pace   Aditya Kapoor
3.20-3.30 Frequent PVCs and Near Normal EF: How to Proceed?   C Narasimhan
3.30-3.40 50  years old with prior MI with Recurrent Stable Monomorphic  VT: Why, When & How to Ablate? Mandeep Bhargava
3.40-3.50 Bifascicular Block: When to Pace? Anil Saxena
3.50-4.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

4:00PM - 5:00PM
Arrhythmia Potpourri: Physician Dilemmas

4.00-4.10 Managing an Implantable Device during MRI, Radiotherapy and Non-Cardiac Surgery Anoop Gupta
4.10-4.20 My patient with Congenital CHB presents in the First Trimester of Pregnancy: To Pace or Not To Pace? Santosh Dora
4.20-4.30 Patient with CRT-D near ERI whose LVEF has Recovered: What Now? Ashish Nabar
4.30-4.40 Preventing PSVT Recurrence: Is there any Role for Drugs Aniruddya Vyas
4.40-4.50 Prescribing Amiadarone : Practical Do`s and Don’t`s Aparna Jaiswal
4.50-5.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

5:00PM - 6:00PM

5.00 - 5.10 Early Repolarization: When is it Abnormal? Jayakeerthi
5.10 - 5.20 ARVC: Diagnostic Challenges Ajay Naik
5.20 - 5.30 Brugada Syndrome: Diagnosis and Risk Stratification Narayanan Namboodiri
5.30 - 5.40 Long QT Syndrome: Diagnosis and Risk Assessment Joy M Thomas
5.40 - 5.50 Unmasking Channelopathies: Role of Provocation Tests    Vanita Arora
5.50 - 6.00 Role of ICD and Ablation in Patients with Inherited Arrhythmic Syndromes Gautam Sharma

9:00AM - 10:00AM
Cardiac Imaging Conclave

9.00-9.12 Cardiac CT: The Crystal Ball of Truth - One stop shop: Plaque, Stenosis, Ischemia, Viability and FFR  Priya Jagia
9.12-9.24 Can Cardiac MRI conquer Viability Challenge? Johanan Christopher
9.24-9.36 Cardiac MRI: The Critical Piece in the Puzzle for NICMP Suman Singhal
9.36-9.48 Imaging in TAVR: All I Need to Know Mona Bhatia
9.48-10.00 How is Nuclear Cardiology gearing up for the Challenge from Other Imaging Techniques? G N Mahapatra

10:00AM - 11:00AM
Day to Day Echocardiography

10.00-10.10 Echocardiography in the Emergency Shantanu Sengupta
10.10-10.20 Mistakes to Avoid in LVEF Assessment    Sameer Shrivastava
10.20-10.30 Diastology - Simplified G Vijayaraghavan
10.30-10.40 Assessing Individual Valve Lesion Severity in Multivalvular Heart Disease V Amuthan
10.40-10.50 Assessing PAH R Alagesan
10.50-11.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

11:00AM - 12:00PM
Advances in Echocardiography

11.00-11.10 3D Echocardiography - Utility or Futility? Manish Bansal
11.10-11.20 Integrating Strain Imaging in my Echo practice Vinayak Agarwal
11.20-11.30 Stress Perfusion Echocardiography - Is it Ready for Prime Time? Nitin Burkule
11.30-11.40 Interventional Echocardiography and Echo-Navigation Neeraj Awasthy
11.40-11.50 Fetal Echo: State of the Art Balu Vaidyanathan
11.50-12.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

12:00PM - 1:00PM
Advanced Imaging: Case Based Discussion

12.00-12.10 Case 1: Role of CT/CMR in Post Intervention Chest Pain Uday Jadhav
12.10-12.20 Case 2: CMR in VT Priya Jagia
12.20-12.30 Case 3: CMR in Hypertrophic CMP Ajay Bahl
12.30-12.40 Case 4:CMR in Heart Failure Mona Bhatia
12.40-12.50 Case 5: Role of Advanced Imaging in Restrictive CMP S T Yavagal
12.50-1.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

1:00PM - 2:00PM
Focused Learning in Echo

1.00-1.10 Transesophageal Echo in Endocarditis   Roopali Khanna  
1.10-1.20 Stress Echocardiography - Pitfalls to Avoid Satish Govind
1.20-1.30 Making the Best Use of Contrast Echo   Rahul Mehrotra
1.30-1.40 Aortic Stenosis: Evaluationg Low-Flow Low-Gradient AS Robin Pinto
1.40-1.50 Prosthetic Valve Function: What is Normal and What is Not? Vivek Tandon
1.50-2.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

2:00PM - 3:00PM
Meet the Masters

2.00-2.20 Pitfalls in Echo Assessment of Valvular Regurgitation and How to Avoid Them   Navin C Nanda
2.20-2.40 Role of Advanced Imaging in Evaluation of Cardiomyopathies   Martin S Maron
2.40-3.00 Echocardiographic Assessment of RV Function Richard Chazal

3:00PM - 3:30PM
Navin C. Nanda Young Investigator Award

3.00-3.08 Presenter 1
3.08-3.10 Discussion and Audience Interaction
3.10-3.18 Presenter 2
3.18-3.20 Discussion and Audience Interaction
3.20-3.28 Presenter 3
3.28-3.30 Discussion and Audience Interaction

3:30PM - 4:20PM
Echo Pearls

3.30-3.38 Relax with Diastology Rishikesh Shah
3.38-3.46 Constriction and Restriction Sanjay Mittal
3.46-3.54 Lung Ultrasound Aniruddha De
3.54-4.02 ASD with Cyanosis Munesh Tomar
4.02-4.10 Cardiac Tumors R Alagesan
4.10-4.18 MR: What is the Cause Rakesh Gupta

4:20PM - 5:10PM
My Best Echo Case- Straight from the Masters

4.20-4.30 Case 1 G Vijayaraghavan
4.30-4.40 Case 2 Rakesh Gupta
4.40-4.50 Case 3 Sameer Shrivastava
4.50-5.00 Case 4 A K Omar
5.00-5.10 Case 5 K K Kapur

5:10PM - 6:00PM
Case Presentation : Interesting Echo

5.10-5.17 Early Left Ventricular Free Wall Rupture (LVFWR) followed by Inferior wall Non ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction Israel Ramanathan
5.17-5.24 Extracardiac Tumours presenting as Intracavitatory Metastasis Jagadeesh H V
5.24-5.31 Common catastrophe of not so uncommon Brucella Endocarditis: Echo imaging of 4 cases from a Tertiary Care Centre Madhukara HM
5.31-5.38 Neonate in Respiratory Distress with a to and fro shunt from Aorta to Right Ventricle S G Shyam Lakshman
5.38-5.45 A rare cause of Intracardiac Mass: Intravenous Leiomyomatosis Vijin Joseph V F
5.45-5.52 Acute Aortic Dissection mimicking Acute Anterior wall Myocardial Infarction Vijin Joseph V F
5.52-5.59 A rare case of Left Ventricular Myxoma  Vipin Thomas

9:00AM - 10:00AM
CAD Pathophysiology

9.00-9.10 Regressing Atherosclerosis - WilI it be a Reality? Geevar Zachariah
9.10-9.20 Is Athersosclerosis an Inflammatory Disease? Rajeev Agarwal
9.20-9.30 Vulnearbale Plaque or Patient - Is it worth Chasing? Anil Dhall
9.30-9.40 ACS: Erosion or Plaque Rupture – Does it make a Difference    P P Mohanan
9.40-9.50 Rsik Factors for Atherothrombosis - Beyond the Traditional Markers Rakesh Verma
9.50-10.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

10:00AM - 11:00AM
ACC@CSI- From ER to Interventions

10.00-10.12 Encounter with the Chest Pain Patient in the ER: Gleaning Wheat from Chaff Richard Chazal
10.12-10.24 Role of High Sensitivity Troponins: Have We Found the Desired Biomarker Satyavan Sharma
10.24-10.36 Universal Definition of Acute Coronary Syndromes and its Risk Stratification : Virtues and Shortcomings Mrinal Kanti Das
10.36-10.48 STEMI Care in LMICs: Need for Establishing Superior System of Care Michael Valentine
10.48-11.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

11:00AM - 12:00PM
Plenary Session

11.00 -11.15 The Mystery of HDL and Cardiovascular Risk John Chapman
11.15 -11.30 Diabetes and CVD: The Clincal Importance of Cardiovascular Outcome Trials with New Drugs Prakash Deedwania
11.30 -11.45 TBA
11.45 -12.00 Dual Antiplatelet Therapy -Optimisation, Cross Over and Future TBA

12:00PM - 1:00PM
Plenary Session

12.00 - 12.15 Update in Management of Stable CAD: OMT or PCI or CABG Samin Sharma
12.15 - 12.30 Revascularizing Stable Angina : Stenosis or FFR? Jagat Narula
12.30 - 12.45 Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement:  Current Status Raj Makkar
12.45 - 1.00 Sudden Death Prevention in HCM:  Risk Stratification Strategy Martin S Maron

1:00PM - 2:00PM
Debate : Views and Counterviews

Debate 1 - Is My Practice Right
STEMI Presenting between 24 hours to 48 hours – PCI Still has a Role 
1.00 - 1.12 Pro Lekha Pathak
1.12 - 1.24 Con Nakul Sinha
1.24 - 1.26 Rebuttal
1.26 - 1.28 Rebuttal
1.28 - 1.30 Discussion and Audience Interaction
Debate 2: The Cholesterol Controversy 
1.30 - 1.42 It is a Rip Off, We have been Fooled D Prabhakaran
1.42 - 1.54 Dont Jump to Conclusions, Follow the Evidence J C Mohan
1.54 - 1.56 Rebuttal
1.56 - 1.58 Rebuttal
1.58 - 2.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

2:00PM - 3:30PM

2:00-2:30 DAPT After Coronary Intervention
2.00-2.12 What is the Optimal Duration: A Guideline Based Approach Stephan Windecker
2.12-2.24 DAPT in Patients Needing Oral Anticoagulants: Current Recommendations Santanu Guha
2.24-2.30 Discussion and Audience Interaction 2:30-3:00 NSTEMI in Elderly
2.30-2.42 Challenges of Invasive Approach Marco Roffi
2.42-2.54 Challenges of Pharmacotherapy U Kaul
2.54-3.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction
3:00-3:30 Cardiogenic Shock
3.00-3.12 Cardiogenic Shock: Current State of the Art Management Stephan Windecker
3.12-3.24 Optimizing Medical Therapy in Cardiogenic Shock:  A Pragmatic Approach Soumitra Kumar
3.24-3.30 Discussion and Audience Interaction

3:30PM - 4:00PM
Key Note Address

3.30-3.45 Coronary Intervention in Diabetes : The Never Ending Challenge Lekha Pathak
3.45-4.00 Management of STEMI in India: Issues and Road Map Santanu Guha

4:00PM - 4:45PM
Rapid Fire - Red Hot Topics

4.00-4.10 Can Clopidogrel Replace Aspirin in Stable CAD Arup Das Biswas
4.10-4.20 Beta Blockade following STEMI: Changing Times? Vijay Bang
4.20-4.30 Statin Induced Diabetes: Unfounded Fears or a Fearsome Foe Nagaraj Desai
4.30-4.40 Carotid Stenting- Is there an Indication Left? Atul Mathur
4.40-4.45 Discussion and Audience Interaction

4:45PM - 5:30PM
Plenary Session

4.45-5.00 Secondary Prevention in ACS in 2018 Michael Valentine
5.00-5.15 The Value of ‘Real World’ Evidence for Assessment of Anticoagulation in Atrial Fibrillation John Camm
5.15-5.30 Antithrombotic Therapy for Heart Failure: An Update John Cleland

9:00AM - 10:00AM
Hypertension Controversies

9.00-9.10 Office, Home or BP on the Move? Which to use for Managing  Hypertension Sadanand Shetty
9.10-9.20 No ACEI, only ARB for Hypertension Management Ananda Bagchi   
9.20-9.30 Lowering Dietary Sodium for Hypertension: Yes? No? Maybe? Tiny Nair
9.30-9.40 Improving Management of Hypertension: Is Initial use of Combinations the Solution? S N Routray
9.40-9.50 Device Based Therapies for Hypertension: Current Status and Future Prospects Mohan Bhargava
9.50-10.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

10:00AM - 11:00AM
Lipid Masterclass by Experts: A Case Based Approach

10.00-10.15 50-yr-old Male, Hypertensive, Smoker, LDL 135, HDL 26, TG 94; Zero Calcium Score on CT Angio: Does He need Statins? Roopali Khanna  
Discussion and Audience Interaction
10.15-10.30 47-yr-old Female, Obese, Hypertensive, LDL 150, HDL 44, TG 370. How Do I address Lipid goals? Justin Paul
Discussion and Audience Interaction
10.30-10.45 45 year-old Asymptomatic Male, Family history of Ischemic Stroke in father with Dyslipidemia - TC 280 LDL 186 TG 98 HDL 44. Displays intolerance to Statins. What to do Next? Rajeev Bagarahatta
Discussion and Audience Interaction
10.45-12.00 78 year old female, Hypertensive, Diabetic, No previous history of CAD, Admitted for THR. ECG, Echo normal. Needs clerance for surgery. Do we Initiate Statins to Modify Cardiac Risk? Saumitra Ray
Discussion and Audience Interaction

1:00PM - 2:00PM
Making the Right Choice in Clinical Management

1.00-1.30 My first choice of DAPT  in CAD                                            
1.00-1.08 Clopidogrel Mukesh Sharma
1.08-1.16 Ticagrelor Ashok Goyel
1.16-1.24 Prasugrel B Kesava Morrthy
1.24-1.30 Discussion and Audience Interaction
1.30-2.00 60 year old, hypertensive, non-diabetic, asymptomatic, executive check up - on CTA mid LAD 70%, N LV function. My ideal strategy would be
1.30-1.38 Ischemia Testing Arunangshu Ganguly
1.38-1.46 Revascularization C N Makhale
1.46-1.54 Leave him alone on OMT Rajeev Passey
1.54-2.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

2:00PM - 2:45PM
Challenging Cases in Clinical Practice

2.00-2.10 47 year old male, post Cholecystectomy, develops Chest Pain 48 hours after surgery, with rising Troponins and T wave inversions. How will I manage?  Jabir Abdullakuty
2.10-2.15 Discussion and Audience Interaction
2.15-2.25 69 year old female known Hypertensiive, presented to Emergency with altered sensorium, tachycardia and tachypnea. Known CKD (Cr 2.0). TLC 14,540 with shift to left, Trop T 0.57 rising to 3.2 and then decreasing, EKG 1mm HZ ST depression inferolateral leads, Q in III    M P Girish
2.25-2.30 Discussion and Audience Interaction
2.30-2.40 70 year old male with HTN, OSA presents with STEMI. Undergoes primary PCI to LCx. Develops recurrent episodes of AF in hospital stay - reveals history of AF in past which was untreated        Niteen V Deshpande
2.40-2.45 Discussion and Audience Interaction

2:45PM - 3:45PM
ACS - An Overview

2.45-2.55 Diagnosis & Classification of ACS Neeraj Pandit
2.55-3.05 Risk Stratification in ACS Pawan K Sharma
3.05-3.15 Pharmacological Management in NSTE-ACS Sharad Agarwal
3.15-3.25 Revascularization in NSTE-ACS - Modality and Timing P C Rath
3.25-3.35 DAPT - How to Make the Right Switch Ajay J Swamy
3.35-3.45 Discussion and Audience Interaction

3:45PM - 4:45PM
Devices in Cardiology :Where are We Now and Where are we Heading?

3.45-3.57 Transcatheter Mitral Valve Interventions Raj Makkar
3.57-4.09 Transcatheter Tricuspid and Pulmonary Valve Interventions Praveen Chandra
4.09-4.21 Haemodynamic support during CHIP: Which Device and When? Samuel K Mathew
4.21-4.33 Coronary Stent Technology : Have we Reached a Plateau P K Goel
4.33-4.45 Discussion and Audience Interaction

9:00AM - 10:00AM
Acute Cardiac Care: Practical Tips

9.00-9.10 Acute Aortic Dissection: Diagnosis and Management D Rajasekhar 
9.10-9.20 STEMI with Acute Stroke: What takes Precedence Vikas Singh
9.20-9.30 Acute MR: Challenges in Management Ajay Mahajan
9.30-9.40 Choosing Inotropes in Cardiogenic Shock P J Nathani
9.40-9.50 Takasubo Cardiomyopathy: Recognition and Therapeutic Approach  Pintoo Nahata
9.50-10.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

10:00AM - 11:00AM
VT Conclave

10.00-10.10 VT in the Normal Heart: Benign and Not so Benign Yas Lokhandwala
10.10-10.20 Granulomatous VT: Recognition and Therapy K K Talwar
10.20-10.30 Taming a VT Storm: Systematic Approach Ulhas Pandurangi
10.30-10.36 Discussion and Audience Interaction
Debate - CRTD for all in LV Dysfunction, No place for CRTP?
10.36-10.46 Pro Jayaprakash Shenthar
10.46-10.56 Con K K Sethi 
10.56-10.58 Rebuttal Pro
10.58-11.00 Rebuttal Con

1:00PM - 2:00PM
Infective IE : A Peep Into a Bugs Life

1.00-1.10 Newer Modalities for Diagnosing IE: Echo and Beyond S S Kothari
1.10-1.20 Outpatent Treatment of IE: Are you Serious? Anil Kumar Bharani
1.20-1.30 Cardiac Device Related IE: Management Strategies Pamela Mason
1.30-1.40 Surgery for IE Sunitha Vishwanathan
1.40-1.50 Prophylaxis for IE: Current Update Biswajit Majumder   
1.50-2.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

2:00PM - 3:00PM
Demystifying Age Old CCU Dilemmas - Simplified Approach

2.00-2.09 HF with Hyponatremia Ashok Goyel
2.09-2.18 HF Patient with Hyperkalemia Mukul Misra
2.18-2.27 Acute MI with DKA Jyotirmoy Pal   
2.27-2.36 ACS with Acute on Chronic Renal Failure Siddhartha Mani
2.36-2.45 Acute Pulmonary Edema with COPD Jo Joseph
2.45-2.54 Pregnancy with PHVT Narasa   Raju Kavalipati
2.54-3.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

3:00PM - 4:00PM

3.00-3.10 CRT Non-Responders: A Systematic Approach Rohit Malhotra
3.10-3.20 CRT in Chronic AF: Optimal Strategy Rabin Chakraborty
3.20-3.30 My patient with Recurrent CHF has Non LBBB Morphology: Do I suggest CRT? B Hygriv Rao
3.30-3.40 Optimal Left Ventricular Lead Placement Daljeet Kaur
3.40-3.50 Tips and Tricks for Advanced CRT Programming K U Natarajan
3.50-4.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

4:00PM - 4:45PM
Future in Cardiology: Alice in Wonderland

4.00-4.10 Robotic PCI: Just a Fad? S S Ramesh 
4.10-4.20 Hand Held Echo: An Idea Whose Time Has Come K U Natarajan
4.20-4.30 Remote Monitoring in Cardiology Kapil Kumayat
4.30-4.40 mCardiology Regina Benjamin
4.40-4.45 Discussion and Audience Interaction

9:00AM - 10:00AM
Case Presentation: Coronary Intervention Complication

9.00-9.07 Lysis after PPCI Binu T Gomanthy
9.07-9.14 Unexpected complication...intramural haematoma Chandan Saurav Mahapatra
9.14-9.21 Iatrogenic Large Coronary Artery Aneursym – a constant oscillation between sharp horns of dilemma Hemanshu Bhatia
9.21-9.28 Angiographic Management of Pseudoaneurysm Nilkanth C Patil
9.28-9.35 Bubble Trouble Prathap Kumar Gorijavaram
9.35-9.42 Thought to be simple - became complex - crushed RCA stent Ravi Shankar Kanna
9.42-9.49 Successful left main bifurcation stenting in Catheter-induced coronary artery dissection Sreedhar Babu Kayala
9.49-9.56 Giant right coronary aneurysm after primary angioplasty Vignesh Sukumar

10:00AM - 11:00AM
Cardiac surgery

10.00-10.12 Complete vs Incomplete Revascularization for MVD: Does it Impact Outcomes? O P Yadava
10.12-10.24 All Arterial CABG: Important Yes, But How Realistic? Ramakant Panda
10.24-10.36 Surgry for CHD with PAH Sachin Talwar
10.36-10.48 Heart Transplantation in India - A Status Report Balram Airan
10.48-11.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

1:00PM - 3:00PM
Post Graduate Teaching: Session Ia

1.00-1.40 Bed Side Assessment of Severity of Valvular Lesions Balachander J
1.40-2.20 Interpretation of X-ray Sanjiv Sharma
2.20-3.00 Approach to an Adult presenting with Pulmonary Hypetension S S Kothari

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Post Graduate Teaching: Session Ib

Case  1 :  Multivalvular Heart Disease S C Manchanda, Balachander J, V K Bahl, S S Kothari, P J Nathani
Case Presenter

4:00PM - 4:45PM
Post Graduate Teaching: Session II- Hemodynamic Rounds

4.00-4.30 Approach to Cardiovascular Hemodynamics Anil Mehra
4.30-4.45 Hemodynamic Spotters Anil Mehra

9:00AM - 10:00AM
E Poster

Station 1 A K Omar, Cibu Mathew, Rohit Mathur 
Station 2 Charan  Lanjewar, Vikas Thakran, Safal Singh
Station 3 Jayaranganath, Sivakumar K
Station 4 K U Natarajan, Santosh Dora, Ajith Thachil 
Station 5 Kapil Kumayat, Aditya Kapoor, R D Yadave
Station 6 Jabir Abdullakuty, Nagendra Chouhan, Jeet Ram Kashyap
Station 7 N C Krishna Mani, Debabrata Roy
Station 8 A Sreenivas Kumar, Sudhir S Shetkar, A K Pancholia
Station 9 Navreet Singh, Rony Mathew, Ashok Goyel
Station 10 Praveen Chandra, Atul Jain, Mohit Gupta
Station 11 Vishal Rastogi, Praveen Jain, Harishankar pratap singh chandel

10:00AM - 11:00AM
E Poster

Station 1 Manoj Rohit, Sunil Dwivedi
Station 2 D P Sinha, Vikas Thakran
Station 3 Kajal Ganguly, M S K Subendu, Harishankar pratap singh chandel 
Station 4 Imran Ahmed, B P Singh, Dilip Ratnani
Station 5 Nagendra Chouhan, Ajay J Swamy, Neelam Dahiya
Station 6 Bhavesh Vajifdar, S K Agarwal, Safal Singh
Station 7 N C Krishna Mani, Pranab Jyoti Bhattacharyya, Debabrata Roy
Station 8 Prashant Jagtap, Sudhir S Shetkar, T K Mishra
Station 9 Navreet Singh, P K Asokan, Anunay Gupta
Station 10 Mohit Gupta, Zakhia Khan
Station 11 Vishal Rastogi, Ravindra M Chabbra, Ajay Bahl 
Station 12 C P Roy, Rajeev Bagarahatta

1:00PM - 2:00PM
Oral Paper Presentation

  • Incidence and in-hospital mortality of ventricular septal rupture in ST elevation myocardial infarction. Satish Kumar A
  • Measurement of coronary artery diameter by IVUS and QCAin Asian-Indian population: study from Tertiary Care Centre of North India. Parshva Liladhar Vora
  • Correlation of QRS duration with myocardial blush grade as a marker of myocardial reperfusion in patients undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention   Dipankar Das
  • Evaluation of tachycardia independent diastolic microvascular transit time (DMTT) as potential predictor of microvascular dysfunction. Ashish Kumar
  • Incidence,predictors,clinical profile and outcome of patients with unprotected left main coronary artery angioplasty. Vinit Kumar
  • Clinical outcome of patients undergoing primary PCI with adjunctive therapy of bivalirudin, heparin alone or heparin with glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitors: a prospective, comparative study. Rufus Demel
  • The final frontier- Left main PCI: Analysis from the Sathya Sai CAD registry. Reeta Varyani

2:00PM - 3:00PM
Oral Paper Presentation

  • Value of resting and stress myocardial deformation assessment by 2 dimensional speckle tracking echocardiography to detect the presence, extent and localization of coronary artery affection in patients with stable coronary artery disease.  Suresh Babu Tupakula
  • Prasugrel resistant and impact of select gene variants in Indian patient with coronary artery disease.  Arun Mohanty
  • Alcohol binge- a striking trigger for acute myocardial infarction.  Bala Vignesh
  • Incidence and follow up outcomes of myocardial infarction with non obstructive coronary artery disease entity after pharmacological thrombolysis.  Kailash Chandra
  • Clinical profile and outcomes of patients with recurrent ST elevation myocardial infarction: a prospective observational study.  Sandhya Sundararajan
  • A novel class of parenteral anticoagulant agents for percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) based on tick thrombin inhibitors. R. Manjunatha Kini
  • The impact of total arterial revascularisation technique on mortality and morbidity in off-pump redo surgery patients.  Niharica Raizadaa

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Oral Paper Presentation

  • Analysis of telomere, endotheial dysfunction and mitochondrial DNA damage in diabetes and hypertension patients.  Mahaboob V Shaik
  • Prevalence of hypertension and risk factors among young Indians   Kartik Gupta
  • Barriers for adherence to anti-hypertensive medication among rural women in india: qualitative study.  Shreya Gupta
  • High prevalence of resistant hypertension in india: jaipur heart watch.  Rajeev Gupta
  • School-based surveillance for detection of children with acute pharyngitis, rheumatic fever/rheumatic heart disease in shimla district, himachal pradesh, India—a cluster randomized controlled trial.  Shivani Rao
  • Evaluation of systemic and tissue levels of cytokines of Th17 axis in patients of chronic rheumatic heart disease: an observational study.  Himanshu Gupta

4:00PM - 4:45PM
Oral Paper Presentation

  • Right dorsal radial artery approach in an era of Radial artery catheterization for transradial coronary intervention- a single center study observational study. Puneet Aggarwal
  • Fighting for a foothold on a slippery slope: the challenge of CTOs with blunt cap and side branch.Y Vijayachandra Reddy
  • Comparison of coronary fractional flow reserve using adenosine and contrast as hyperaemic agents. Prabhakaran Aranganathan
  • Emergency percutaneous coronary intervention following return of spontaneous circulation in acute coronary syndrome complicated by cardiogenic shock. Vipin Thomas
  • Study of plaque characteristics in young patients with myocardial infarction using optical coherence tomography (OCT). Avinash Ashok Guthe

9:00AM - 10:00AM
Heart Failure: Myths, Misconceptions and Reality

9.00-9.10 My patient in NYHA functional class II HF: Is he Really Stable? Vishal Rastogi
9.10-9.20 Quality of HF Care in India: Optimal or Time to Wake Up? Justin Paul
9.20-9.30 Heart Rate and BP - Is Lower the Better in Heart Failure? P B Jayagopal
9.30-9.40 SCD in LV Dysfuction is Uncommon in Indians: Myth or Reality Nagendra Bhoopathy
9.40-9.50 MRA in Asymptomatic HF Rajiv Agarwal
9.50-10.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

10:00AM - 10:30AM
Dr B C Roy Memorial Oration

10.00- 10.10 Introduction and Felicitation
10.10- 10.30 Oration K M Cherian

10:30AM - 11:00AM
Key Note Address

10.30-10.45 Primum Mobile to Primum Immobile- Sinus Node to Atrial Fibrillation: A Thirty Year Travelogue Mrinal Kanti Das
10.45-11.00 Maximizing the Benefits of Device Therapy in Heart Failure C Narasimhan

11:00AM - 11:30AM
Presidential Oration

11.00-11.30 President`s Address K  Sarat Chandra

11:30AM - 12:00PM
Plenary Session

11.30 -11.45 Imaging in Acute Coronary Syndromes  Jeroen J  Bax
11.45 -12.00 AICD For Primary Prevention in Idiopathic DCM: Is it Time to Rethink? TBA

12:00PM - 1:00PM
Plenary Session

12.00 - 12.15 Guideline Based Therapy for Acute and Chronic Heart Failure   John Cleland
12.15 - 12.30 Role of Catheter Ablation vs Pharmacological Approaches in the Management of Atrial Fibrillation John Camm
12.30 - 12.45 Comprehensive Health Coverage for All: Is the Path Too Long TBA
12.45 - 1.00 High Risk Stable CAD Patients: How to Identify TBA

1:00PM - 12:00PM
Blockbluster Trials of 2018

1.00-1.15 Top Trials in Interventional Cardiology 2018 Dev Pahalajani
1.15-1.30 Top Trials in Preventive Cardiology 2018 V Jacob Jose
1.30-1.45 Landmark Trails in Lipid Lowering therapy in 2018  Prakash Deedwania
1.45-2.00 Top Trials in Electrophysiology 2018 Yash Lokhandwala

2:00PM - 3:00PM

2.00-2.10 Choosing Thrombolytics in AMI: Review of the Evidence K Venugopal
2.10-2.20 Choice of DAPT : Does it Matter? Anil Mehra 
2.20-2.30 Late Presenters after AMI: When to Intervene? Sanjay Tyagi
2.30-2.40 Percutaneous Left Ventricular Assist Devices in Cardiogenic Shock Vijay S Iyer
2.40-2.50 Management of Arrhythmias in STEMI   Mukesh Sharma
2.50-3.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

3:00PM - 3:50PM
Key Note Address

3.00-3.20 Long term safety of Statin therapy : Perception versus Evidence John Chapman
3.20-3.35 Where does PCI stand today after COURAGE, FREEDOM & ORBITA Dev Pahalajani
3.35-3.50 Secondary Prevention for RHD Anita Saxena

3:50PM - 4:45PM
SCA: The Nuts and Bolts of Clinical Decision Making

3.50-4.02 Can the ECG help in Predicting Patients at Risk for SCA Mandeep Bhargava
4.02-4.14 Assessing Risk for SCA in LV Dysfunction: Just EF or Should we Look Beyond Balbir Singh
4.14-4.26 SCA Risk in HFmrEF and HFpEF: Underecognized, Undertreated? T S Kler
4.26-4.38 ICD for SCA Prevention: Current Guidelines C Narasimhan
4.38-4.45 Discussion and Audience Interaction

4:45PM - 5:30PM
Key Note Address

4.45 - 4.57 Managing Heart Failure in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation John Cleland
4.57 - 5.09 Hypertension Targets in Recent Guidelines: What is Supported by Evidence? Sripal Bangalore
5.09 - 5.21 PCI of Multi-Vessel Disease in Diabetics - Evidence and Uncertainties M S Hiremath
5.21 - 5.30 Discussion and Audience Interaction

9:00AM - 9:40AM
CardioDiabetes Symposia

9.00-9.12 Management Of Type 2 Diabetes :  Role of Cardiologist   Rajeev Gupta
9.12-9.24 SGLT 2 inhibitors - Are They Worth The Hype? M Srinivas Rao
9.24-9.36 What to add after Metformin: GLP-1, DPP-4 or SGLT2? Samit Ghosal

9:40AM - 10:00AM
Key Note Address

9.40-10.00 Atherogenic dyslipidemia, Prediabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome : What’s New? John Chapman

10:00AM - 11:00AM

10:00-10:30 STEMI Perspectives
10.00-10.12 STEMI and Multi-vessel Disease: Integrating Evidence into my Practice Marco Roffi
10.12-10.24 Pharmacoinvasive Approach for All Patients who receive Thrombolysis: Does it Happen in my Practice P P Mohanan
10.24-10.30 Discussion and Audience Interaction

10:30-11:00 Chronic CAD: A Case Based Approach

50 year old male with few cardiovascular risk factors (but not diabetic) presents with stable atypical exertional angina
10.30-10.42 Stress Thallium would be my Investigation of Choice: Knowing Physiology is Always Better Jeroen J Bax
10.42-10.54 CT Angio would my Investigation of Choice: Knowing Anatomy Always Makes More Sense J C Mohan
10.54-11.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

1:00PM - 2:00PM
Case Based Discussion

1.00 - 1.30 Stable Coronary Artery Disease
45 year male presented  with Stable Angina on Exertion Class II from last 6 months. Non Diabetic, BP 145/85, Lipid : LDL-164, HDL-32, TG-266 
1.00-1.08 What Further Investigations and How to Risk Stratify Imran Ahmed
1.08-1.16 Choice and Optimization of Pharmacotherapy Satyendra Tewari
1.16-1.24 When to Perform Angiogram and How to  Intervene Deepak Natarajan
1.24-1.30 Discussion and Audience Interaction

1.30 - 2.00 Acute MI
45 year male presented  with Chest Pain  since 8 hours in non PCI capable hospital. ECG - STEMI Anterior wall
1.30-1.38 How to Proceed? Debabrata Roy
1.38-1.46 When and How to Refer for Revascularization? Ajit Mullasari
1.46-1.54 Rehabilitation R J Manjuran
1.54-2.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

2:00PM - 3:00PM
LM & Bifurcation Symposia

2.00-2.10 LM with Mutivessel Disease: Are PCI and CABG Equivalent Sundeep Mishra
2.10-2.20 Imaging for LM: The Optimal Approach in Optimizing Outcomes G Sengottuvelu 
2.20-2.30 Left Main Intervention: Tips and Ticks Ramesh Daggubati
2.30-2.40 DK Crush, Culotte, SKS, T ot TAP: Which is the Best Strategy    Subhash Chandra
2.40-2.50 Should Provisional Stenting Be Considered Even in Complex Bifurcations? Dhiman Kahali
2.50-3.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Punch and Counter Punch

BP Target Post SPRINT
3.00-3.08 Should Achieve Below 130/80 P K Asokan
3.08-3.16 Less Than 140/90 is Enough Mridul  Sharma
3.16-3.20 Discussion and Audience Interaction
Treatment Naïve HFrEF
3.20-3.28 ARNI is Always my  Choice Soumitra Kumar
3.28-3.36 ACEI will Always be My First Choice A George Koshy
3.36-3.40 Discussion and Audience Interaction
Diabetic on Statin: Tryglyceride Level 250
3.40-3.38 Should Add Fenofibrate in All Syed Imamuddin
3.38-3.46 Fenofibrate is Only for Numerical Reduction Rajeeve Kumar Rajput
3.46-4.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

4:00PM - 4:45PM
ECG Quiz

Quiz Masters Amit Vora, C Narasimhan, Yash Lokhandwala

4:45PM - 5:30PM
Cases Which Foxed Me

4.45-5.00 69 year Diabetic, Hypertensive Male with Chronic AF on OAC, Presents with Recurrence of Stroke with Creatinine  of 1.8.  How to proceed     J P S Sawhney
5.00-5.15 55 year old male, T2DM, HTN presents with DOE NYHA Class II of 3 months duration, No angina; QRS non specific ST-T changes, LVEF 30%, CART: TVD, LAD long calcific CTO; Type A discrete lesion in prox LCx and mid RCA.  How to proceed  R K Gokhroo
5.15-5.30 52 year old female post prosthetic MVR 10 years back. Now presents with intermittent SOB, mild pedal edema, NYHA Class II. Echo shows normal prosthetic valve function, EF 60% and severe TR with normal RV function. How to proceed  Bhuwan C Tiwari
Discussion and Audience Interaction

9:00AM - 10:00AM

9.00-9.10 Genetics of Cardiomyopathy - Lessons Learnt Ajay Bahl
9.10-9.20 Diabetic Cardiomyopathy - Is it a Separate Entitiy? M Y Yeolekar
9.20-9.30 Myocarditis - An update Sandeep Seth
9.30-9.40 Tachy-CMP - Can you Ever Miss it? Rajesh Dhopeshwarkar
9.40-9.50 Non Compaction Cardiomyopathy Milind Phadke
9.50-10.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

10:00AM - 11:00AM
RHD: The Forgotten Emperor

10.00-10.10 Burden of RHD in India: Rising? Declining? Just Dont Know? Santosh Satheesh
10.10-10.20 Acute Rheumatic Fever - An Update Anita Saxena
10.20-10.30 Should we Follow Western Guidelines for our RHD Patients? B C Srinivas 
10.30-10.40 Outcomes in RHD: An Overview M N Krishnan
10.40-10.50 Valve Surgeries in RHD in 2018 G K Mani
10.50-11.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

1:00PM - 2:00PM
Tropical Cardiology - Neglected Diseases

1.00-1.10 EMF – A Disease Heading to Extinction? Jagan Mohan Tharakan
1.10-1.20 Takayasu Aortoarteritis – A Simplified Approach to Medical Management Sanjay Tyagi
1.20-1.30 Takayasu Aortoarteritis – A Simplified Approach to Interventional  Management Manotosh Panja
1.30-1.40 Granulomatous Heart Disease in India: An Update   P K Hasija
1.40-1.50 Kawasaki Disease Sohan Kumar Sharma
1.50-2.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

2:00PM - 3:00PM
Diet in Cardiology : Agree to Disagree

2.00-2.10 Carbohydrates: Are they the Main Culprit? C P Karunadas
2.10-2.20 Oil for Indians: Which is the Best? Salman Salahuddin
2.20-2.30 Are Dairy Fats Good for Heart? Arun Chopra
2.30-2.40 Egg Consumption and CAD risk: Any Concerns Left? Dennis Xavier
2.40-2.50 Saturated Fat : Friend or Foe? Govindan Unni
2.50-3.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Focused Session on Devices

3.00-3.10 The Leadless Pacemaker: Where Will it Fit in Practice? D S Chadha
3.10-3.20 Subcutaneous ICD: The Story Thus Far N K Mahesh
3.20-3.30 Wearable Implantable Defibrilator: Where Do they Bridge the Gap? Parag Bargwad
3.30-3.40 MRI Compatible devices: Do All My Patients Need It? R D Yadave
3.40-3.50 Non Functional Leads: Abandon or Retrieve   Pamela K Mason
3.50-4.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

4:00PM - 5:00PM
Do These Have Any Role in Primary Prevention?

4.00-4.08 Routine CT Angiogram M S K Subendu
4.08-4.16 Routine Stress Test C B Meena
4.16-4.24 hsCRP Neil Bardolai
4.24-4.32 ACEI in Medium Risk Patients Sharad Chandra
4.32-4.40 Routine High Intensity Exercise Parneesh  Arora
4.40-4.48 Flax Seeds & Omega 3 Fatty Acids Sunip Banerjee
4.48-5.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

9:00AM - 11:00AM
Post Graduate Teaching: Session III

9.00-9.45 Approach to Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease in Adults Anita Saxena
9.45-10.30 Bed Side Evaluation of Acyanotic Congenital Heart Disease Jagan Mohan Tharakan
10.30-11.00 ECG in Congenital Heart Disease

1:00PM - 3:00PM
Post Graduate Teaching: Session IV

1.00-2.00 Case 2: TOF Physiology Anita Khalil, V Dayasagar Rao, Anita Saxena, Santanu Guha                      
Case Presenter
2.00-3.00 Case 3: CHD M Khalilullah, Jagan Mohan Tharakan, V Dayasagar Rao, Anita Saxena, I B Vijayalakshmi, Santanu Guha
Case Presenter

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Post Graduate Teaching: Session IV b

3.00-3.30 Mistakes to Avoid in Case Presentation V Jacob Jose
3.30-4.00 Spotters Exotica Saurabh Gupta

4:00PM - 5:00PM
Preventive Cardiology

4.00-4.10 Fatty Acids and their Role in Cardiometabolic Health Arindam Pande
4.10-4.20 Smoking, E-Cigarettes and Metabolic Health Tilak Suvarna 
4.20-4.30 Wine and CVD: Is their a safe limit Harminder Singh
4.30-4.40 Exercise and Heart: How Much is Enough Anurag Arora
4.40-4.50 Sleep and Cardiovascular Health Binoy John 
4.50-5.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

9:00AM - 10:00AM
E Poster

Station 1 Jo Joseph, Raja Ray, Parneesh  Arora
Station 2 P K Hasija, B B Bharti, Manoranjan Mandal   
Station 3 Vidyut Jain, Kamal K Sharma, M P Girish
Station 4 S N Narasingan, Deepak Maheshwari, Binoy John
Station 5 Rajeeve Kumar Rajput, Bharat Bhushan  Kukreti, Geevar Zachariah
Station 6 Sivakumar K, Shantanu Sengupta
Station 7 P M Nageshwaran, Anand M Rao, Tarun Kumar Prahraj
Station 8 Robin Pinto, Rakesh Gupta, Himanshu   Dabral
Station 9 Bhanu Duggal, Imran ahmed, Pintu Nahata
Station 10 Sukumar Ghosh, Parag Bargwad, S N Routray
Station 11 D S Chadha, Prafull Sharma, Mamtesh Gupta
Station 12 Tarun Kumar, Manoj Mashru, Shishu Shankar Mishra

10:00AM - 11:00AM
E Poster

Station 1 Jo Joseph, D Rajasekhar, Parneesh  Arora
Station 2 Rajiv Mehrotra, B B Bharti, Devang Desai
Station 3 Hetan  Shah, Chirayu, M P Girish
Station 4 Harendra Kumar, Yousuf Kumble, Arunangshu Ganguly
Station 5 Dayanand Kumbla, Bharat Bhushan  Kukreti, Anil  Kumar  Bharani
Station 6 Nazir Juvale, Amit Malviya, R K Gokhroo
Station 7 Prasant K Sahoo, Bappaditya kumar, Arun Chopra
Station 8 Deepak Maheshwari, Dhiman Kahali, Rajeev Passey
Station 9 Pradeep  Jain, Mukesh Mehra, Rajiv Agarwal
Station 10 Bal K Gupta, Parag Bargwad, Ajay K Sinha
Station 11 Prabal Rajwanshi, N K Mahesh, Prafull Sharma
Station 12 Tarun Kumar, Jagmohan Dua, J P S Sawhney

1:00PM - 2:00PM
Oral Poster Presentation

A weighted risk score to predict post-PTMC mitral regurgitation using machine learning techniques - observations from a large-volume tertiary care centre in south India. Prayaag Kini
Predictors of restenosis and early re-intervention following successful first percutaneous transseptal mitral commissurotomy(PTMC) during follow-up - data from a tertiary referral care centre in South India Prayaag Kini
Single lead implantable cardioverter-defibrillator lead system with atrial sensing dipole (Dx-aicd technology): 1 year follow up.  Parin Sangoi
Atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia with absent retrograde fast pathway conduction in patients – a distinct entity. Devendra Kishanlal Sharma
Reusability of cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIED) devices: long term outcome. Vihang Chandrakant Shah
Long term follow-up of patients undergoing stenting vs. endarterectomy for carotid artery stenosis – an indian perspective. Kartik Pandurang Jadhav
Transcatheter aortic valve implantation safe and effective (single centre experience of 26 cases). A J Swamy

2:00PM - 3:00PM
Oral Poster Presentation

Profile of acute heart failure in a large tertiary care centre in kerala. Nishant Sagar
Prevalence and risk determinants of spontaneous ventricular arrhythmias in patients with non-ischemic systolic heart failure: results from a single centre study. Davinder Pal Singh
Lung ultrasound evaluation of diabetic patients with acute onset dyspnea and its relation with established markers of heart failure.  Sunandan Sikdar
Role of extra corporeal membrane oxygenation in myocardial dysfunction due to aluminium phosphide poisoning.  Bhupinder Singh
Circulating cell free DNA, circulating cell free RNA with global longitudinal strain – non invasive early predictor of post heart transplant rejection. Kaipa Aswani Latha
Is ARNI exclusive in management of chronic heart failure ? 2 years experience in a central hospital of indian railway. Chandan Kumar Das
ABSI vs BMI– marker of obesity and its comorbities correlation. Rohit Kapoor

3:00PM - 4:00PM
Oral Poster Presentation

Antiplatelets strategies and outcome in cardiac patients undergoing dental implants. Rita Rai
Clinical outcomes of patients undergoing primary angioplasty for acute myocardial infarction treated with prasugrel versus ticagrelor at the end of 1 month & 1 year.  Rajanya Amichandbhai Patel
Cardiac health awareness amongst women presenting for routine health checkup at tertiary care centre : trends over the last 15 years.  Shibba Takkar Chhabra
Study of clinical profile and utility of various tests in patients with syncope.  Kashyap Manibhai Patel
Clinical profile and prognostic significance of right heart thrombi in acute pulmonary embolism -indian perspective.  Nilavan Asaithambi
Determinants of in hospital clinical course and outcome in sub massive pulmonary embolism. Rohit Tandon
QRS-T angle: A novel marker for Cardiac Sarcoidosis Debabrata Bera

4:00PM - 5:00PM
Oral Poster Presentation

Screening for prevalence of abdominal aortic aneurysm during transthoracic echocardiography in patient with significant coronary artery disease. Panduranga Patwari
Mitral annular plane systolic excursion–derived ejection fraction as a simple and valid tool in adult males with left ventricular systolic dysfunction. Dinesh Dayaram Joshi
Effect of LV diastolic dysfunction on early and intermediate-term outcomes during elective off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting: an observational study. Prayaag Kini
3D Trans Esophageal echocardiography (TEE) in assessment of prosthetic heart valve obstruction in comparison of 2D Trans Esophageal echocardiography (TEE) Background Himanshu Harsukhgiria Meghnathi
A study on left ventricular and left atrial strain patterns in organic mitral regurgitation.  S G Shyam Lakshman

9:00AM - 10:00AM
Anticoagulation: Evolving Practices, Problems and Paradigms

9.00-9.10 Anticoagulation Strategies post-PCI in Atrial Fibrillation: New Insights, New Approach G R Kane
9.10-9.20 My Patient is Optimally treated on Warfarin : Should I Shift to DOACs Narendra Bansal 
9.20-9.30 Choosing between DOACs Wisely: Are they all the Same? Ambuj Roy
9.30-9.40 Contraindications for DOACs: A Case Based Discussion Rajiv Agarwal
9.40-9.50 When and How to Screen for a Hypercoagulable State Abhay Bhave 
9.50-10.00  Discussion and Audience Interaction

10:00AM - 11:00AM
Point and Counterpoint

Moderate Risk AS
10.00-10.08 Time to move to TAVR Ajit Desai
10.08-10.16 Don`t Jump the Gun: SAVR is the Answer Anil Bhan
10.16-10.20 Discussion and Audience Interaction
Left Main Stenting
10.20-10.28 Imaging  is Mandatory   Vijay Trehan
10.28-10.36 Where is the Evidence: Imaging is Optional Prasant K Sahoo 
10.36-10.40 Discussion and Audience Interaction
LAA Appendage Closure
10.40-10.48 For All at High Bleeding Risk P K Hazra
10.48-10.56 A Procedure Searching for An Indication
10.56-11.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

11:00AM - 12:00PM

11.00-11.12 Approach to a Patient with Syncope Balachander J
11.12-11.24 Managing Neurocardiogenic Syncope: Status Update Skand Trivedi
11.24-11.36 Syncope: My Greatest Surprise and My Worst Nightmare Vijay Pathak
11.36-11.48 Implantable Loop Recorders: Worth the Price? Ranjit  K Nath
11.48-12.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

12:00PM - 1:00PM
Clinical Cardiology: Do We have Definite Answers?

12.00-12.12 Executive Cardiac Check Up – Is it for the Patient or the Doctor? Sudeep Kumar
12.12-12.24 Viability Testing Before Re-vascularisation in LV Dysfunction: Does it have a Role? R R Mantri
12.24-12.36 Which Patient with Cardiac Arrest Should Be Wheeled into the Cath Lab? Vijay Trehan
12.36-12.48 Cardiac Patient Undergoing Non Cardiac Surgery -Is the Patient “Cleared”? P C Manoria
12.48-1.00  Discussion and Audience Interaction

9:00AM - 10:00AM
Awards Session (Prof. D P Basu Memorial Award & Modi Mundi Pharma Award )

Prof. D P Basu Memorial Award
CT Virtual Cardiac Dissection: A Novel Method of Enhanced 3D Visualization of Internal Cardiac Anatomy Saurabh Kumar Gupta 

Prof. D P Basu Memorial Award
A decade of free CRT Implantation - a Powaqqatsi averted !! -Real - world data from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences Whitefield, Bangalore Reeta Varyani

Prof. D P Basu Memorial Award
Evaluation of Systemic and Tissue Levels of Cytokines of Th17 Axis and Th1 Axis  In Patients of Chronic Rheumatic Heart Disease: An Observational Study Himanshu Gupta

Prof. D P Basu Memorial Award
Idiopathic outflow-tract ventricular tachycardia: Can sinus rhythm electrocardiography help to identify underlying occult Cardiac Sarcoidosis? Debabrata Bera

Prof. D P Basu Memorial Award
Correlation of QRS duration with myocardial blush grade as a marker of myocardial reperfusion in primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Dipankar Das

Prof. D P Basu Memorial Award
Natural History of Reversible Symptomatic Bradyarrythmia- An Observational Study with Long Term Follow-Up Kapildoomra

Modi Mundi Pharma Award
Comparison of immediate and 6-month follow-up results of Percutaneous Transseptal Mitral Commissurotomy in patients of Rheumatic Mitral Stenosis in Sinus Rhythm and Atrial Fibrillation - An Echocardiographic and Haemodynamic study Prayaag Kini

10:00AM - 11:00AM

10.00-10.10 Recent Advances in Echo Assessment of PAH John Gorcsan
10.10-10.20 PAH Diagnosis: Non Invasive Approach G S Wander
10.20-10.30 Drug Therapy for Idiopathic PAH: When? For Whom? How? Puneet Rastogi
10.30-10.40 Managing PAH in Heart Failure Shashi Mohan Sharma
10.40-10.50 Managing the Adult with Eisenmenger Syndrome: An Update Prashant Bhopate
10.50-11.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

11:00AM - 12:00PM
How to Approach

11.00-11.10 Patient with ACS with Thrombocytopenia V K Katyal
11.10-11.20 Suspected Myocarditis Kanak Kumar Mitra   
11.20-11.30 HF Patient not Tolerating Beta Blockers Kaiser Habib
11.30-11.40 Acute Cor Pulmonale Jayanta saha
11.40-11.50 Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation S C Mondal
11.50-12.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

12:00PM - 1:00PM
Veno Thrombo- Embolism

12.00-12.10 Deep Vein Thrombosis: When to Thrombolyse Surender Deora
12.10-12.20 Acute PE: To Lyse or Not to Lyse Shishu Shankar Mishra
12.20-12.30 Catheter Intervention for PE: Better Outcomes? Bishav Mohan
12.30-12.40 IVC Filters: Real Role or An Exercise in Futility Smit Shrivastava
12.40-12.50 Preventing Post Thrombotic Syndrome: Whats the Best Strategy Sanjeev Kumar
12.50-1.00  Discussion and Audience Interaction

10:00AM - 11:00AM
Pregnancy and Cardiac disease

10.00-10.10 Peripartum Cardiomyopathy: Diagnosis and Management Varun S Narain
10.10-10.20 Management of Valvular Heart Disease during Pregnancy Bhaskar Shah
10.20-10.30 Pregnant patient with Mechanical Valve: Managing Anticoagulation Nagesh C M
10.30-10.40 Pregnancy and Congenital Heart Disease: An Overview Bhanu Duggal
10.40-10.50 A case of a Pregnanct woman with Aneurysmal Dilatation of Aorta (Dia 4.4 cm): Management Pearls Hema Kulkarni
10.50-11.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

11:00AM - 12:00PM
Peripheral Vascular Disease

11.00-11.10 Screening for Aortic Aneurysm in High Risk Individuals  Sanjiv Sharma
11.10-11.20 Salvaging Critical Limb Ischemia: The Right Approach Sriram Iyer
11.20-11.30 Renal Artery Stenosis: When to Intervene Ashishkumar M
11.30-11.40 Antithrombotic Strategy for Peripheral Artery Thrombosis B C Srinivas 
11.40-11.50 Varicose Veins: When to Intervene Sanjeev Kumar
11.50-12.00 Discussion and Audience Interaction

12:00PM - 1:00PM
Hypertension : Rapid Fire

12.00-12.10 Beta-blockers in Hypertension: Current Status Gaurav Chaudhary
12.10-12.20 Managing Postural Hypotension in Hypertensive Patients Akshay Mehta
12.20-12.30 Hypertension in Heart Failure Hardas Suhas
12.30-12.40 Iatrogenic Hypertension Arnab Datta
12.40-12.50 Hypertension and Renal Failure: Management Issues Vivek Gupta
12.50-1.00  Device Therapy of Hypertension Himanshu Mahla

9:00AM - 10:00AM
Case Presentation: Coronary Intervention

9.00-9.06 LIMA – RIMA – PDA distal anastomosis Intervention Abhijit Bhaskar Joshi
9.06-9.12 Recurrent Acute Coronary Syndrome due to Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection Alok Kumar Singh
9.12-9.18 Primary PTCA to type IV dual LAD -a very rare entity Arnab Ghosh Chaudhury
9.18-9.24 Complex Bifurcation Case Gopi Aniyathodiyil
9.24-9.30 Wedding Ring Goutam Datta
9.30-9.36 Innovative approach using multiple stents to treat a diffusely diseased LAD with 100% occlusion from ostium presenting as NSTEMI Hemant Lalit Khemani
9.36-9.42 Anomalous Origin of the Right Coronary Artery from the Left Anterior Descending Artery: A Rare Coronary Anomaly  Medikonda Parameshwara Reddy
9.42-9.48 Intravascular ultrasound guided management of proximal Left Anterior descending artery aneurysm with covered Stent  Narender Omprakash Bansal
9.48-9.54 Post CABG Bifurcation Stenting of LMCA and Stenting of Saphenous Vein Graft to Left Anterior Descending Artery under IVUS Guidance Sridhar  Kasturi

10:00AM - 11:00AM
Case Presentation: Structural heart Intervention

  • Successful Endovascular Treatment of Abdominal Aorta and Left Common Iliac Artery in Critical Limb Ischemia in a High Risk Patient  Jeethender Kumar Kala
  • Murphys law in cath lab – our experience with TAVR.  Gopi Aniyathodiyil
  • Successful percutaneous device closure of a large 16mm Patent Ductus arteriosus in a 12 year old Male  Gurkirat Singh
  • Deficient aortic rim of large atrial septal defect made sufficient for device closure by peripheral balloon assisted technique  Kumaran Srinivasan
  • PDA Device closure-a day when nothing works  Rajeev Bhardwaj
  • BUDD CHIARI  Raman Chawla
  • A Case Of Common Iliac CTO Angioplasty Demonstrating Different Techniques And Approaches Of Peripheral Intervention  Raman  Chawla
  • A case of takayasus arteritis- multiple transcatheter interventions-a challenging case with respect to disease progression and theraupetic interventions with focus on LMCA re-stenosis intervention  Nishant  Sunkarineni

11:00AM - 12:00PM
Case Presentation: Miscellaneous

  • Hypothenar Hammer Syndrome - An Unusual Cause of Ulnar Artery Thrombosis  Abhinav Aggarwal
  • Endocardial ablation of monomorphic vt in a patient with LVH, apical anurysm and normal epicardial coronaries  Bhaskar  S Rao
  • A rare case of drug reaction leading to dangerous coronary spasm  Biplab  Paul
  • A case of Refractory Heart failure: Can it be reversed with HIS bundle pacing?  Daljeet Kaur Saggu
  • Cardiac transplant or reversible cardiomyopathy?  Debabrata Bera
  • Percutaneous closure of multiple Pulmonary Arterio-Venous Malformation using Amplatzer Vascular Plugs.  Puneet Varma
  • A case of abdominal angina  Rajeev Bhardwaj
  • A rare combination of Hemitruncus with dysplastic tricuspid valve  Rakesh Koranchery
  • Intervention in a case of sitophobia  Ravi Shankar Kanna

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